Course Description

The Sales Skills Incubator is an online sales training program designed for Salespeople who wish to fast track their sales success by building strong relationships with buyers in the categories of B2B - Business to Business selling and B2C - Business to Consumer selling.

Sales success doesn’t come from using cheesy closing techniques or trying to talk decision-makers into buying your products or services. The key to making more sales is learning how to SHUT UP and LISTEN. That’s always been the basis of getting repeat business and referrals.

Customers buy from Salespeople they like and trust. For a sale to occur, the client needs to buy you first, then consider your offer. The strongest power of relationship influence is listening, not talking.

This course is your opportunity to learn these skills and immediately apply them in your field to make more sales and build strong relationships with your clients. Whether you’re just starting out in sales or an industry veteran looking to get your sales to the next level, you will find 100% practical application in this course.

The Sales Skills Incubator will take you no longer than eight to ten hours to complete and comes with a downloadable 44-page Course Workbook that integrates Dave’s training into your current Sales position, no matter what product or service you sell. This is a vital course component that gets you sales results on a long term basis. Upon finishing the course you will be mailed a frameable certificate of completion. Stop practicing on your clients and start making more sales today!

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The Sales Skill Incubator Reviews:

After taking many sales training courses over my career, this is one that resonates with me. If you feel that sales success is not about learning manipulative closing techniques and trying to trick people into buying, then The Sales Skills Incubator is for you. Dave's common sense approach to consultative selling by listening to buyers and turning their problems into solutions has always been the basis of repeat business and referrals. I'm excited to have our sales team in this program and recommend it for anyone who wants to be seen as a Professional Salesperson.

- Fred Hayne, Co-owner, Alberta Lock Solid

The Sales Skills Incubator is an amazing tool for anyone who is involved in sales or customer service. The clear direction of this course is to understand what it takes to consistently exceed buyer's expectations and make them want to do business with you. It uses practical examples that can easily be applied to your world. Dave's personality and honesty come through, as he even admits to his own mistakes in his selling style. We have already prepared a list of people within our organization to take The Sales Skills Incubator and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make more sales.

- Christine Dunn, VP Sales

The Sales Skills Incubator is in one word "awesome". It's great for new Salespeople who want a fighting start and perfect for veteran Salespeople who believe in consistent learning and growth. Dave Warawa speaks from his 30 years of sales experience and has delivered his expertise in an extremely well-thought-out video format that works flawlessly. It's perfect for Salespeople in a rapid, fast-paced world who want the convenience of taking a very practical course when their schedule permits. With today's digital domination, The Sales Skills Incubator couldn't be more perfectly timed.

- Marty Forbes, President, Radiowise Inc., @mjforbes

As a business owner, I have always found my 20+ years of experience as an Outside Sales Professional to be invaluable. I highly recommend the Sales Skills Incubator to all Salespeople regardless of experience or industry they serve. Dave has written a great book and now has created this brilliant video series to demonstrate, teach and remind us what it takes to be a professional. This online program focuses on the skills and habits of sales success by knowing how to SHUT UP and LISTEN. Frankly, I think this course is great for anyone in business. We are all in sales regardless of job title. If you want to become a better communicator and successful in business, then this course is for you."

- Mark Bogusky, Chrome Marketing

After being a Salesperson, Sales Manager and General Manager for over 30 years, I can honestly say that The Sales Skills Incubator is one of the most practical courses that I have ever taken. Dave focuses on the why and how of selling from the human perspective with actual techniques that concentrate on the emotional connection with decision-makers that sets salespeople apart. I highly recommend The Sales Skills Incubator whether you're new to the sales industry or a seasoned veteran looking to make more sales.

 - Ted Hyland, Sales Manager

Prior to committing to Dave Warawa’s Sales Skills Incubator, I truly believed I was on the right path to success. This program confirmed that I still have a great deal to learn, and thanks to the ‘Incubator’, I can now confidently forge a path to sales success. This easy to follow program serves as a vital sales tool in any industry you’re involved in. I strongly urge any manager or representative looking to get a leg up in the sales field to invest in this program.

- Brad Kelly, experienced Outside Salesperson


David Warawa

Creator of the start-up company PROSALESGUY TRAINING, Dave works in tandem with companies across Canada who want their Salespeople to be successful and make the investment to create long-lasting results. Check out his website and BLOG at has been a Salesperson, Sales Manager and Sales Trainer in his 30+ year career. He has sold many different products and services in B2B and B2C including advertising sales, life insurance door-to-door, real estate and private vocational training. He initially started his career as a Radio and TV Broadcaster giving him a strong background in public speaking and convincing listeners and viewers to be loyal to their favorite radio or TV station. Please check out his full profile on LinkedIn. You can read many of his 50+ posts as a LinkedIn contributor. You can also sample his training content by following him on Twitter @DaveWarawa.Dave fulfilled his life-long dream of starting PROSALESGUY TRAINING after being responsible for training the Salespeople at many of the companies that employed him. This led the companies to record sales results, high employee retention rates and the confidence to become independent. Shortly after starting his company, he embarked on another goal of writing his first book – SHUT UP! Stop Talking and Start Making Money. Read the reviews here.

Course curriculum

  • 3

    Chapter 2 - Ask Great Questions

    • Chapter 2 Video 1

    • Chapter 2 Video 2

    • Chapter 2 Video 3

    • Chapter 2 Video 4

    • Chapter 2 Quiz

  • 4

    Chapter 3 - Actively Listening

    • Chapter 3 Video 1

    • Chapter 3 Video 2

    • Chapter 3 Video 3

    • Chapter 3 Video 4

    • Chapter 3 Quiz

  • 5

    Chapter 4 - Paraphrasing Your Customer's Words and Feelings

    • Chapter 4 Video 1

    • Chapter 4 Video 2

    • Chapter 4 Video 3

    • Chapter 4 Video 4

    • Chapter 4 Quiz

  • 6

    Chapter 5 - Summarizing Your Customer's Full Needs

    • Chapter 5 Video 1

    • Chapter 5 Video 2

    • Chapter 5 Quiz

  • 7

    Chapter 6 - Positive Personality Projection

    • Chapter 6 Video 1

    • Chapter 6 Video 2

    • Chapter 6 Quiz

  • 8

    Chapter 7 - The 4 Cs of Learning New Sales Techniques

    • Chapter 7 Video 1

    • Chapter 7 Video 2

    • Chapter 7 Video 3

    • Chapter 7 Video 4

    • Chapter 7 Quiz

  • 9

    Chapter 8 - The Top 10 Mistakes Salespeople Make

    • Chapter 8 Video 1

    • Chapter 8 Video 2

    • Chapter 8 Video 3

    • Chapter 8 Video 4

    • Chapter 8 Quiz

  • 10

    Chapter 9 - The 10 Attributes of Sales Stars

    • Chapter 9 Video 1

    • Chapter 9 Video 2

    • Chapter 9 Video 3

    • Chapter 9 Video 4

    • Chapter 9 Quiz

  • 11

    Chapter 10 - The Next Steps For Sales Results

    • Chapter 10 Video 1